ECA has conducted a large number of energy and water projects for public and private clients in Europe, covering the economics, financing and regulatory frameworks for investments and sector development. We have also provided advisory services to Regulators in 8 countries.

Recent assignments have included energy market due diligences, gas infrastructure assessments, security of supply studies and water tariff studies. ECA has worked on numerous renewable energy regulatory projects, developing renewable energy policies, legal and regulatory frameworks, feed-in tariffs, contractual frameworks and financing.

We are managing major framework contracts in the West Balkans for improving the regulatory set-up for renewables and energy efficiency. This has included wind integration studies, drafting laws and regulations, feed-in tariff design and promotion of ESCO market development.



Economic cost of disrupted gas in the EU

ECA supported the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) on the economic valuation of disrupted gas. The focus of our work was on recommending a suitable methodology for solidarity gas contracts in line with economic principles and EU legislation.

Market due diligence, Turkey

ECA were contracted to carry out a due diligence market study for a proposed new gas fired IPP. The study covered a review and assessment of the regulatory and market issues in electricity and gas, as well as detailed modelling and analysis of the electricity market and future electricity prices.

Market due diligence for renewable energy developer, Romania

ECA assessed the electricity and Green Certificate markets in Romania in light of an investment in a solar plant in Romania. This included an assessment of the regulatory environment for generation investment with a particular focus on renewable energy sources (RES) and solar specifically.

Cyprus Electricity tariff structure and design review 

ECA was appointed by the Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) to design new tariff structures and levels for the 2014-2018 period covering the entire vertical chain of service provision (generation, transmission, system operation, distribution and supply).

Water company WACC assessment, UK

ECA was contracted to advise the Consumer Council for Water on the appropriate cost of capital for the water companies in the 5-year regulatory period of Ofwat’s PR14 price review. ECA’s analysis focused on the weighted average cost of capital (WACC) and the recent financial performance of the companies.

Restructuring options for UGV gas production activities, Ukraine

ECA was engaged to identify, assess and recommend a restructuring path for the gas activities of UGV. The study distinguished between the structural change of operations and ownership change, and presented a staged approach to reform and future private sector participation.

I-SEM Forward Market liquidity, Ireland

Support the national regulatory authorities in Ireland (CER and NIAUR) on implementation of financial transmission rights to replace physical rights on interconnectors with Great Britain in the new design of the single electricity market for Ireland (I-SEM).