ECA specialises on providing advice on economic, regulatory, and commercial issues for infrastructure. We focus on electricity, natural gas, water and wastewater sectors advising economic regulators, investors, policymakers and utility companies.


ECA has been advising regulators, governments, investors and international finance institutions since its start. We apply economic principles and industry knowledge with best international practice, complemented by a rigorous quantitative capability to advise on all key aspects of electricity markets. Our expertise includes the development of…

Natural Gas

ECA combines economic and regulatory knowledge to carry out comprehensive and complex planning, financing and strategy studies along the value chain of gas. Our specialisation is on mid- and downstream sectors including transmission systems, gas storage, LNG terminals, distribution systems and market design. We have extensive expertise in gas…


ECA works extensively in the water sector, assisting in institutional development and regulatory framework development for water and wastewater service provision. Our services in the water sector include pricing, resource management and allocation, investment planning and institutional design. We have advised river authorities, governments and water regulators…

Energy Access

ECA provides advisory services across a range of topics that promote access to energy for many of the poorest people in the world. Our clients include national government entities (ministries, regulators, utilities, and rural energy agencies), international finance institutions, and private developers and investors.