Investment Planning Services from Economic Consulting Associates


We provide advice to investors for investments in gas infrastructure, electricity generation, transmission and distribution and water and sanitation service delivery. As part of our investment appraisals, we analyse market conditions, assess major commercial and regulatory risks and provide detailed financial analyses.

Our experienced and qualified consultants with the support of in-house developed quantitative models cover a wide range of investment assessment services including:

  • Asset and business valuation
  • Investment analysis and planning
  • Risk analysis / mitigating risks
  • Macroeconomic impacts of energy and water projects



Electricity distribution appraisal, Vietnam

In support of a proposed loan to funded new electricity distribution investments, ECA conducted financial and economic due diligence on the individual investment projects and on the financial capacity of the implementing distribution utilities. The investments reviewed were wide-ranging and included the introduction of new smart grid elements for which innovative appraisal approaches were required.

Turkey LNG market review

ECA reviewed the potential size of the market for LNG in Turkey. This required an assessment of the future demand and supply balance, recognising the uncertainties created by Russia’s recent decisions to redirect gas exports through Turkey, the likely price levels and the competitiveness of LNG compared to pipeline imports from Russia, Central Asia and Iran.

Gas transmission pipeline feasibility study, FYROM

The objective of the project was to assess the commercial, technical and economic feasibility of the proposed gas transmission expansion in FYR of Macedonia. The results of the study was used by the EBRD to make a final investment decision on the gas transmission expansion project.

Ghana IPP due diligence

Commercial due diligence study for in a proposed gas-fired IPP in Ghana. ECA prepared projections of the operation and costs of the power plants supplying the electricity market and assessed the revenues required by the transmission/distribution off-taker to satisfy future demand for the next 20 years. This included the impact on electricity tariffs and an affordability analysis to understand whether the resulting tariffs would be affordable for lower income electricity consumers.

Southern African Power Pool (SAPP) Master Plan

The objective of the assignment was to prepare a new Regional Generation and Transmission Expansion Plan (the so-called ‘Pool Plan’) for the SAPP region covering the period up to 2040. ECA led the project and provided inputs and expertise covering demand forecasting, economic aspects of power system planning, cost-benefit analysis and real-options analysis of major interconnection corridors and their associated generation projects.

Romania wind farm market study

The study was prepared for the Marguerite Fund with the objective of assessing the electricity and Green Certificate market in Romania in light of Marguerite’s intended investment in a 180MW wind power plant in the Dobrogea region. ECA prepared an overview of the Romanian electricity market, wholesale electricity price projections and scenarios analyses, description of the Green Certificate mechanism, green certificates price projections and scenarios analysis, plus analysis of the Romanian grid infrastructure and potential for overloading in the future.

CCGT regulatory and market due diligence, Turkey

ECA were contracted to carry out a due diligence market study for a proposed new gas fired IPP. The study covered a review and assessment of the regulatory and market issues in electricity and gas, as well as detailed modelling and analysis of the electricity market and future electricity prices.

Malawi integrated resource plan

Preparation of a power development plan for Malawi taking account of both supply side investments and demand-side measures. Malawi’s power system is dominated by hydropower and it has the potential to trade electricity with neighbouring countries in the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP).

Water sector investment analysis, Zimbabwe

ECA reviewed investment in the water sector and developed an investment planning model to rank projects by economic returns ranked to identify projects which will have the greatest impact for the funding available. Funding options were identified to match the expected risk-financial return profiles of the projects.

Gas to power investment consortium, South East Europe

ECA advised on the design, structure and ownership of a consortium of public as well as private investors for midstream gas and power generation projects in the West Balkans (Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, FYROM, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia).

LNG strategy in Central America

ECA developed different business and contractual models for the introduction of LNG for power generation to six Central American countries. The objective of this World Bank project was to advise on an economically and technically feasible option for regasification projects and onwards gas and electricity trade.