We work across a wide range of regions and markets in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Our international experience of utility sectors at varying stages of development enables us to make recommendations based on best international practice.


ECA has conducted a large number of energy and water projects for public and private clients in Europe, covering the economics, financing and regulatory frameworks for investments and sector development. We have also provided advisory services to Regulators in 8 countries. Recent assignments have included energy market due diligences, gas infrastructure assessments, security of supply studies and water tariff studies. ECA has worked on numerous renewable energy regulatory projects, developing renewable energy policies, legal and regulatory frameworks, feed-in tariffs, contractual frameworks and financing. We are managing major framework contracts in the West Balkans for improving the regulatory set-up for renewables and energy efficiency. This has included wind integration studies, drafting laws and regulations, feed-in tariff design and promotion of ESCO market development.


ECA has carried out energy and water studies for Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) as a whole (such as the upstream and downstream gas-to-power SSA studies), for sub-regions (such as the SADC Regional Energy Access study and the Cubango-Okavango basin study) and for around 25 individual SSA countries, such as minigrid studies in Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania, electricity planning studies in Malawi, Nigeria and Zimbabwe and water tariff studies in Malawi, Sierra Leone, Uganda and Zimbabwe. Our SSA work is a combination of policy and institutional studies and quantitative analytic work. Our focus is both on advising on major infrastructure investments (e.g. gas, LNG, water, mining and power) as well as designing infrastructure investment programmes to enhance access and provide sustainable and affordable service delivery for the majority of the population.


ECA has been working in the South and South-East Asian region on a continuous basis from our establishment through to the present. We were engaged in many of the policy debates around the liberalisation of energy sectors in the region during the late-1990s and early-2000s and have continued to work in those countries and others on infrastructure industry reform, regulation and private participation. We also have wide-ranging experience in infrastructure planning and appraisals across the region including gas master plans, national electrification plans, water sector financing strategies and the institutional reforms required to support these. Across the region, our experience encompasses China, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia, Lao PDR and Mongolia.

middle east

ECA’s experience in North Africa and the Middle East is focused on the electricity, natural gas and renewable energy sectors and in water and sanitation. We have conducted gas and electricity pricing studies, long term energy policy planning studies, regulatory reviews and sustainable energy market assessments. In gas, we have advised on establishing new gas markets, gas-to-power projects, tendering of gas distribution licences and the policy for long term development of gas sectors covering domestic and export policy. In water, we have worked on projects involving private sector water provision and water sector regulation. Our countries of experience include Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

cis & central asia

ECA has carried out a variety of projects in this region covering natural gas network development, gas-to-power, electricity and gas market analysis, market designs and energy sector/company restructuring. Our experience also has included regional energy studies and, more recently, a focus on renewable energy projects covering, economics, financing and regulatory frameworks.


ECA has a recent focus on providing advice on energy issues in the Pacific. ECA’s team includes staff originating from or currently based in Australia and New Zealand, so between us we have many years of experience dealing with the unique challenges faced by island nations in the Pacific. Recent work includes projects in Australia, Papua New Guinea and Fiji.