Advice on renewables and Energy Efficiency from Economic Consulting Associates


ECA has a long standing and proven track record in renewable energy covering all economic, financial, commercial and regulatory aspects of scaling up renewable energy projects.

We have strong expertise in the development of renewable energy support mechanisms needed to foster investment in renewable technologies with particular experience in feed-in tariff (FiT) methodologies.

We also support governments and regulators on the integration of renewable energy into the grid and market, including advice on power purchase agreements, transmission system connection arrangements, impact analyses and required market changes.

As part of our services, we advise investors on regulatory and market conditions to assess the feasibility and cost-effectiveness of renewable energy projects.



Energy Service Companies Framework, West Balkans

EBRD, legal, regulatory and economic advice on the framework for the promotion of renewable energy projects. A gap analysis was provided on the regulatory and financial structures that might impede investments in ESCO projects.

National Energy Efficiency Action Plan for Albania

ECA was appointed by the EBRDto assist Albania in developing a new National Energy Efficiency Action Plan (NEEAP) to be compliant with the transposition of EU Directive 2012/27/EU (the “Energy Efficiency Directive“) for Energy Community countries.

Uganda geothermal policy, legal and regulatory framework

Assistance to the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, in addressing the policy and regulatory barriers for geothermal energy development with a view to attract geothermal investment in terms of PPP and Independent Power Producers (IPP).

Kenya renewable energy financial modelling training

ECA worked with Carbon Africa to develop a financial model template for small-scale renewable energy projects to be adopted by Government of Kenya stakeholders in the assessment of proposed private sector projects. Following development of the model, ECA prepared and delivered a training course on the model and associated skills. This assignment followed a training course run three years earlier as part of a capacity building assignment for stakeholders in the Government of Kenya’s renewable energy sector.

Climate change levy exemption for renewables scheme, UK

ECA advised Ofgem on potential changes to their guidance relating to renewables generators located outside the UK who seek accreditation for Levy Exemption Certificates (LECs). These generators must demonstrate to Ofgem that the energy they generate can feasibly have been sold to UK consumers.

Renewable energy laws and feed-in tariffs, Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is developing a revised Renewable Energy Law that introduces a Feed-in Tariff regime. To implement this, a secondary regulation is needed to allocate the costs of RES support amongst all buyers of RES. ECA was tasked to develop the secondary regulation and bilateral agreement as well as to review the renewables power purchase agreement.

Market study for solar power plant, Romania

ECA assessed the electricity and Green Certificate markets in Romania in light of an investment in a solar plant in Romania. This included an assessment of the regulatory environment for generation investment with a particular focus on renewable energy sources (RES) and solar specifically.

Development of RE regulations, Rwanda

Support to RURA in the development of various rules and regulations governing renewable energy and off-grid electrification including recommendations for improvement of existing regulations for the Feed in Tariff framework for hydro and extension to other technologies.

Kenya: RE capacity development

ECA led a year-long project to support the Government of Kenya to implement the feed-in tariff policy that was revised in December 2012 and incorporated many of the recommendations of our previous small-scale renewables framework study.