ECA advises private and public sector clients on economic and regulatory issues associated with environmental policy and natural resource management. Our expertise ranges from designing gas flaring reduction regulations, CDM credit application support and institutional design for renewable energy facilities. We also conduct environmental and social cost- benefit analysis and attach monetary values to water, environmental benefits and non- marketed goods.


UK: climate change levy exemption for renewable scheme

ECA advised Ofgem on potential changes to their guidance relating to renewables generators located outside UK who seek accreditation for Levy Exemption Certificates (LECs).

UK: Clean energy SME financial modelling

ECA worked with DFID on assessing the feasibility of a possible $30 million fund to invest in clean energy SMEs in developing countries. The study helped understand the business models adopted by the SMEs, and their funding needs, so that it could tailor its support in ways which can lead to the greatest developmental impact.

Inclusion of the rebound effect in project evaluation

ECA advised the UK’s Department for International Development (DfID) on the inclusion of the rebound effect in renewable energy and energy efficiency project evaluations.

Gas flaring reduction regulations, Indonesia

ECA was appointed by the World Bank-led Global Gas Flaring Reduction Partnership (GGFR) to advise on a suitable regulatory framework for gas flaring and venting reduction on the basis of international best practice.

Greenhouse gas emission credits, Angola

ECA advised on the eligibility of a proposed LNG project to reduce the flaring of associated gas from oil production to obtain greenhouse gas emission reduction credits under the Clean Development Mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol on Climate Change.

Social impact of Feed in Tariffs in Kazakhstan

ECA advised the energy regulator on the social impact of high inflation and the rapid build-up of renewables capacity.

Effects of carbon lock-in

DFID asked ECA to produce a study which looked at the risk of carbon lock-in to the International Climate Fund (ICF) priority countries and, to develop a simple framework to be used by ICF policy leads and DFID country offices to assess this risk in relation to nationally significant investments undertaken.

Rwanda: green cities

The project required developing a ‘Green City’ framework and guidelines appropriate for the Rwandan secondary city context, developing a National Roadmap on the secondary city development and helping strength the capacity of government employees and of GGGI staff.

Gas flaring emissions reduction, Nigeria

ECA advised on the Shell Petroleum Development Company proposal to reduce gas flaring in Nigeria. Shell’s proposed project would pipe associated gas ashore for use in a combined cycle power station to be developed.

Water resource tariff structures, Zambia

In this project, ECA calculated the value of water in different uses and developed the methodology for evaluating the economic and social value of water. From this, water resource tariff calculations were made and a water tariff structure derived.