half a front view of a blue EV car with beach and sea behind

Establishing an e-mobility policy and roadmap for the Pacific Islands

Feb 2, 2022

Electric mobility is a key pillar of many countries’ decarbonisation strategies. The Pacific Island countries, which are particularly exposed to the impacts of climate change, are particularly well-suited to the large-scale deployment of e-mobility, given the typically small distances travelled and the strong potential for renewable energy generation in these countries. It will also help reduce these countries’ extensive reliance on expensive, imported fuel. ECA is excited to have been awarded a contract to support the World Bank in establishing an e-mobility policy framework and roadmap for the Pacific Island Countries. In addition to developing the framework and technical guidelines, we will also use ECA’s power system modelling capabilities to assess the impact of e-mobility on the power grids which include high levels of variable renewable energy.


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