Image of Tatiana Tumenggung, Senior Consultant at ECA


Senior Consultant

Tatiana has over 10 years’ experience working as a consultant in infrastructure sectors in Asia-Pacific, Africa and Central Asia. She has Bachelor degrees in mechanical engineering and philosophy, plus a Master’s degree in public policy and management, specialising in infrastructure policies and regulation. Her expertise includes institutional analysis, regulatory and policy development, economics and financial analysis, and public private partnerships.

Since joining ECA in 2011, Tatiana has been involved in providing advice to water utilities on water supply and sewerage tariffs and most recently on onsite sanitation business models. She has worked with governments in strengthening water sector policies, including through the development of regulatory framework and establishment of autonomous regulatory agencies. She has also assisted governments and development agencies in developing financing facilities and mechanisms that will promote sustainable service delivery in the water and energy sector.

In addition to her practical project experiences, Tatiana has also led a number of international studies in the water and sanitation sector, including a study on how to create incentives to improve service delivery through institutions, policy and regulation, plus a study on how to support public institutions in encouraging domestic private sector involvement. As part of an international study, she has also developed an institutional diagnostic tool that can be used by development agencies to design interventions that will strengthen institutions.

Although Tatiana’s recent experiences are mostly in the water and sanitation, as well as the energy sector, she also has experience in the transport sector from her previous role in Melbourne, where she was part of a team advising the Melbourne train and tram franchises.