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Technical Director

Rob has over 21 years’ experience in energy economics with a strong background in both regulation and trading. He has led or provided senior roles in projects that provided advice to government, regulatory and commercial clients in the UK and other countries on a wide range of topics in electricity, gas and environmental markets.

Rob has used economics to design pricing mechanisms and forecasting models in a wide range of areas. In developing market designs and detailed market rules he has also applied this expertise in developing forecast pricing models for balancing and settlement to assess how the design will impact market development and competition for different types of generation portfolio including hydro and pumped storage; in renewables payment mechanisms he has designed both cost allocation and price requirements for both feed-in tariff and certificate mechanisms to determine long-term pricing and investment incentives as well as social impacts on consumers. Robert has used models also in designing and pricing ancillary service procurement packages, advising the TSOs on the appropriate valuation methodology in procurement auctions; similarly, this work has been used in wind integration studies to assess the cost of managing intermittency. This expertise has been used in advising on market risks for generation investments in several markets. Other specific areas of expertise include development of power purchase agreements and other physical and financial contract structures, forward market liquidity and interconnector valuation and trading.

Rob has Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Economics. He joined ECA in April 2008 as a Managing Economist, having previously worked for Campbell Carr Consultancy.

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