Image of Eleni Adamopoulou, Consultant at ECA


Senior Consultant

Eleni is an Economist at ECA with 6 years’ experience in the field of renewable energy and off-grid electrification, with a specialisation in developing countries. Her areas of expertise include market assessments, policy and regulatory analysis and cost-benefit studies.

She has been involved in several assignments involving the development of the off-grid market in Sub-Saharan African countries, advising on access to financing options, the development of a regulatory framework that supports the deployment of clean energy products, the design of policy actions that aim to promote private sector participation and the estimation of the impact of donor-led policies on the macro-economy. Recent projects she has been involved in include the development of feasibility studies for privately operated mini-grids in Kenya, the drafting of a set of policy actions aimed at accelerating investment in off-grid lighting products in Zambia, plus a study in Malawi that estimated the financial and socio-economic impact of removing taxes on off-grid household products.

Eleni holds a Master’s degree in Health Economics from the London School of Economics and a BSc (First class) in Economics from the University of Southampton.