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Technical Director

Elena Adamopoulou is a Technical Director at ECA, boasting an extensive track record of over 11 years in the field of off-grid electrification and distributed generation. Her recent experience has been focused around pioneering policies and regulations that aim to accelerate energy access to unelectrified communities around the world, while placing an emphasis on sustainability.

Elena has played a pivotal role in assisting donor agencies, international financial institutions, and governments in the development of rural electrification programmes. She has conducted comprehensive market assessments and feasibility studies for diverse off-grid electrification initiatives. She also been advising on appropriate subsidy schemes to bridge the affordability gap, ensuring inclusive energy access. Elena has also been involved in estimating the cost-effectiveness of various electrification options and assessing the potential macroeconomic impacts of proposed policies and regulations aimed at expediting access to sustainable and affordable energy.

Furthermore, Elena has been formulating policies that foster private sector investments within off-grid electrification. Her contributions extend to designing bespoke capacity-building programmes, enhancing the expertise of policymakers in matters pertinent to electricity access.

Elena has also been leading the development of key publications, shedding light on innovative models for the sustainable electrification of communities. As part of most of these studies she has organised and led extensive stakeholder consultations that aim to collect insights from field experts on how to accelerate energy access.

Elena holds a Master’s degree in Health Economics from the London School of Economics and a BSc (First Class) in Economics from the University of Southampton.

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