We read Ofgem’s RIIO-ED2 Final Determinations so you don’t need to

Feb 24, 2023

The UK was one of the earlier adopters of the independent regulation of utilities. Over time price controls in the UK, as in many other jurisdictions, have become increasingly complex. This makes it ever more challenging to get a clear view across the whole of a price control. This can be true for anyone not closely involved in a specific price control, including for our many non-UK clients for whom UK approaches to utility regulation can be a reference point.

Back in November 2022, Ofgem published its Final Determinations for Great Britain’s electricity distribution networks price controls (RIIO-ED2). The main decision documents run to just over 1,000 pages. In the following we provide an overview of the key elements of the RIIO-ED2 framework and outcome. We hope it will be of interest to our international clients – and, maybe, to some of our UK clients too.

Please see full overview here.


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