We provide advice for investments in gas infrastructure, electricity generation, transmission and distribution and water and sanitation service delivery. As part of our investment appraisals, we analyse market conditions, assess major commercial and regulatory risks and provide detailed financial analyses. Our experienced and qualified consultants with the support of in-house developed quantitative models cover a wide range of investment assessment services including:

▪ Asset and business valuation

▪ Investment analysis and planning

▪ Risk analysis / mitigating risks

▪ Macroeconomic impacts of energy and water projects


Financial projections for UK gas interconnector

ECA was appointed by Ofgem to develop financial models and scenarios of future revenues and costs of gas interconnectors to Great Britain. The models were used to test further scenarios of future interconnector incomes based on differentials between European and GB gas prices as well as assessing when during the year those differentials might appear.

Market strategy advice to an IPP, Greece

ECA advised the first large CCGT IPP in the Greek power market on potential impacts on its financial position and implications for its commercial strategies of the transformation of Greece’s existing cost-based power pool into a new competitive market.

CCGT cost review, Turkey

ECA investigated the generic capital costs of Combined-Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) technology for electricity generation and reviewed trends in costs.

LNG strategy in Central America

ECA developed different business and contractual models for the introduction of LNG for power generation to six Central American countries. The objective of this World Bank project was to advise on an economically and technically feasible option for regasification projects and onwards gas and electricity trade.

Water sector investment analysis, Zimbabwe

ECA reviewed investment in the water sector and developed an investment planning model to rank projects by economic returns ranked to identify projects which will have the greatest impact for the funding available. Funding options were identified to match the expected risk-financial return profiles of the projects.

Gas to Power investments in Sub Saharan Africa

ECA reviewed the power demand and generation expansion plans of all 47 Sub Saharan African (SSA) countries for use in a power dispatch model, utilised for estimating the demand for gas in power generation in each country through to 2035. A costing model was then used to compare the economics of transmitting power generated at the gas resource by transmission line to gas by pipeline versus power stations located in the demand centres.

Water and sanitation financing program, Indonesia

ECA designed an urban water Finance Facility that includes eligibility criteria with built-in incentives for water companies to progressively improve their performance and thereby become eligible for more sophisticated Facility products.

Power and mining linkages in Africa

The study sought to investigate the barriers to mining and power being developed on an integrated national basis, thereby potentially unlocking both short-term and long-term savings in power costs while at the same time improving reliability.

Gas and IPP contract negotiation, Vietnam

ECA advised on the key gas contracts within a complex set of contracts covering the development of upstream offshore gas fields, gas transportation, gas purchase and sale to an IPP.

Financing gas transmission investment, Bangladesh

ECA provided financial analysis of a proposed gas loopline investment, using a detailed financial simulation model covering supply and demand, gas flows, revenues and expenditure of all companies including upstream producers and taxes.