Our range of services covers all aspects of introducing private sector participation and competition into infrastructure, from the development of supporting institutional and legal frameworks through the design and implementation of regulatory agencies and regimes. We advise on corporate restructuring, the development of competitive markets and access rules, and conditions for implementing individual privately-funded projects. The scope of our services allows us to appreciate the totality of the requirements for private sector participation, understanding the interactions between high-level policy design and project development and implementation outcomes.


Development of a framework for PPI in Tamil Nadu, India

ECA led a team reviewing the existing framework for PPI and analysing its strengths and weaknesses, including comparisons with best practice in other Indian States and internationally.

Private sector provision of water and sanitation in small towns, Worldwide

ECA is leading in an international study to provide operating procedures and guidance to developing countries and World Bank task teams on how to support public institutions in effectively engaging the local private sector to deliver water and sanitation services, especially to the poor in rural growth centres and small towns. Case study focus countries are Philippines, Bangladesh, Uganda and Colombia.

The potential for alternative private supply of electricity in Africa

ECA worked with the IFC to determine the key drivers of and barriers to the expansion of the Alternative Private Supply (APS) of electricity in developing countries which do not require coordination through centralised grids.

Privatisation of the power holding company of Nigeria

ECA provided advice during the due diligence review covering issues relating to the institutional, regulatory and market aspects of the power sector during the lead up to privatisation and after the privatisation. This involved work with the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) relating to tariff regulation and work with the TSO and Market Operator relating to the electricity market.

PPP toolkit, India

This project involved developing web-based toolkits to assist PPP practitioners with all aspects of the PPP development, structuring, transactions negotiation and implementation. The toolkits covered five infrastructure sectors: water and sanitation, solid waste management, urban transport, ports and highways.

Improving governance in PPI transactions, Cambodia

ECA led a multi-disciplinary team developing a framework for the improved governance of private participation in infrastructure (PPI) transactions. ECA also prepared a detailed capacity building program to support the implementation of the new framework.

Solutions for private participation in infrastructure, Angola

ECA produced a Country Framework Report for Angola, which analysed the water, telecoms, transport and energy sectors and the potential for private sector participation to help economic growth and alleviate poverty in Angola.

Promoting private investment in the power sector, China

ECA advised the State Development and Planning Commission on measures to improve the flow of private domestic and international investment into the power sector.

Feasibility studies for water supply and sanitation services for urban low income areas, Yemen

Private investment is being supported by out-based grants from the Global Partnership for Output Based Aid (GPOBA). ECA was responsible for overall project design and preparation of OBA Commitment Paper.