ECA provides consulting support that implements real change in local capacity through human capacity building. ECA uses its expertise in both short and long-term training exercises that ensure local counterparts are properly equipped to implement the recommendations we provide, and to then apply the newly acquired skills in conducting their own analysis and programme development. Our capacity building expertise is provided as part of an assignment and in stand-alone exercises. ECA develops capacity building programmes for both public and private sector entities, including mixtures of theoretical, technical and practical aspects. We have developed a suite of templates, models, training tools and exercises, including modelling tools, system simulation games and scenario role-playing exercises, that are adapted to meet the specific needs of all our clients.


Training on IPPs and PPAs, Papua New Guinea

The Independent Public Business Corporation (IPBC) requested training from ECA on the commercial aspects of Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), in particular how to calculate the levelised cost of Independent Power Producers (IPPs) for various generation technologies and compare it to the reference price as set in the PNG Third Party Access Code.

Power sector analysis and training, Zimbabwe

ECA provided training on a demand forecasting model that was developed and handed over to power sector stakeholders for the establishment of realistic demand projections, to form the basis for the preparation of a least-cost system development plan, so that it can be used for future load forecast updates.

Water and sanitation investment facility, Indonesia

ECA provided support in establishing a structure for the Indonesia’s new Water and Sanitation Financing Facility. The tasks included extensive discussions with stakeholders to develop an institutional structure to fit into the existing legal structure, develop the operational manual and procedures for key stakeholders who will participate of the Facility, and develop required capacity building and training programmes.

Supportive framework conditions for mini-grid development, SADC region

ECA, in partnership with Practical Action (Southern Africa) undertook a study on mini-grids in the SADC region. The focus was on assisting countries develop a supportive framework that will encourage investment in renewable or hybrid mini-grids. A final component of the assignment was the preparation and delivery of a training workshop for representatives of all energy regulators from the SADC region on technical and economic regulations of mini-grids, including tariff modelling.

Renewable energy regulatory capacity development, Kenya

ECA led a year-long project to support the Government of Kenya to implement the feed-in tariff policy that was revised in December 2012 and incorporated many of the recommendations of our previous small-scale renewables framework study. ECA produced templates for feasibility studies of candidate projects and delivered a week-long training workshop on renewable energy project analysis.

Water sector investment analysis

ECA led a review of Zimbabwe’s water sector, including the preparation of a database of all existing, planned and potential water sector investment projects across all sectors. As part of this review, ECA conducted a training workshop for a cross-section of Government of Zimbabwe stakeholders on the economics of water project appraisal.

Regulatory training for Mazoon electricity distribution company, Oman

ECA provided a member of staff to work with MZEC to provide support to their regulatory team in preparation for the next regulatory price control.

Electricity tariff training, Rwanda

ECA equipped the staff of the Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Agency with the practical knowledge to conduct electricity costing and tariff setting. This involved a 2-week training course conducted in Kigali.