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Managing Consultant

John joined ECA from National Grid where he has worked across the regulated and unregulated business in strategic planning, business development, asset management, capital delivery and operations with a focus on electricity markets and transmission networks, but also has experience working at a liquefied natural gas terminal and a Distribution Network Operator.

In Market Fundamentals within Corporate Strategy at National Grid he provided energy market analysis and modelling across Great Britain and Europe to support the existing project portfolio, assess new project investments and evaluate the impact of market changes.

In his role at Great Britain’s System Operator within Network Strategy for Electricity and Gas Transmission he was working on providing a view of future electricity transmission network capability, investigating operability issues and implementation of innovative solutions across Great Britain ensuring a safe and reliable network.

John is a Chartered Engineer and holds an MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development from Cambridge University. He has a multi-national background and is fluent in English, Greek and German.

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