Mo Uddin is an economic consultant who specialises in energy and water sector analysis and investment (particularly with a focus on PPPs). Mo has worked in a number of countries in South Asia and Africa with extensive experience of Nigeria, Pakistan and Sierra Leone. Before working in development Mo worked in finance where he valued companies and projects in sub-Saharan Africa from a private sector lens. Subsequently he has applied his economic analysis to several infrastructure projects which include:

Tariff methodology development in Malaysia (Gas) and Cyprus (Electricity- with a focus on charging capacity).

Development of three energy sector business cases in Sierra Leone and Pakistan for a commitment of approx. £50m. These business cases committed funding from the UK Government to energy sector in Sierra Leone and Pakistan.

Economic analysis for the Solar Nigeria Programme before its commissioning and approval by DFID. Mo worked on Nigeria Infrastructure Advisory Facility to ensure the successful incubation and launch of the programme.

Development of a number of outlines business cases with the Government of Nigeria to determine whether particular transactions should be supported. The most prominent of these outlines business cases was the concession of eastern and western rail lines.   

A review of major capital projects in Kaduna for the 2016 state budget submission. Mo managed a team to audit the physical  projects and develop a prioritisation mechanism to determine which projects should receive priority funding.

Mo has a B.A.(Hons) in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from the University of Oxford.