Rob has over 13 years’ experience in energy economics with a strong background in both regulation and trading. He has provided advice to government, regulatory and commercial clients in the UK and other countries on a wide range of topics in electricity, gas and environmental markets.

Rob has advised in several areas of policy development, providing solutions for market design in several emerging markets, advising on the development of prices as well as the detailed market rules and commercial codes needed for implementation. This has covered the basic trading and settlement functions required in electricity and gas network industries as well as additional areas such as security of supply, cross-border trading, regulated pricing and competition and environmental developments. He has also provided regulatory and commercial advice for contract development.

Rob has several years’ experience in price forecasting for corporate clients in both regional markets and in specialist areas such as ancillary service provision and valuation, developing market models to simulate price outcome scenarios covering energy, capacity and environmental valuations.

Rob has Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Economics. He joined ECA in April 2008 as a Principal Economist, having previously worked for Campbell Carr Consultancy.