Elena Adamopoulou joined ECA in 2011 after finishing her Master’s degree in economics at the LSE and working for a short while in an international organisation. She specialises in renewable energy issues, advising clients on tariff estimation, conducting impact analysis and feasibility studies.

Since joining the challenging and fast growing environment of ECA, Elena has had hands on experience with more than 10 projects advising the World Bank, ADB and the EBRD. Elena’s main area of interest lies in electricity and power markets, but she has also been involved in projects related to gas sector where she conducted regulatory framework analysis, commercial analysis and cost benefit analyses.

Examples of projects Elena has worked on include:

• assessing the impact of increasing the share of renewables in total electricity consumption on the affordability of electricity in Serbia and Moldova

• providing commercial and economic advice for a large scale Solar PV project in Bulgaria

• advising the Government of Moldova on the appropriate level of Feed-in tariffs for renewable energy technologies. Her work is complemented with a thorough understanding of economic principles and modelling skills, as well as fluency in two EU languages. Elena has expertise with econometric software applications such as Stata and SPSS and has applied these throughout her work experience and academic studies.