Andrew Tipping is a managing consultant with experience in business and market development, financial and economic analysis, transaction advice, corporate finance and governance. Andrew joined ECA in 2011 from a background in investment banking, consulting and business development, and has been involved in market analysis and design, project assessments and impact analyses, as well as regulatory reviews and design. Andrew has worked across a range of industries including finance, healthcare and forestry, but currently focuses on energy and water. He has worked with both public and private clients, including major international development agencies and government entities. Andrew also leads ECA’s workshops and training development programmes. Some of Andrew’s most recent projects include:

• development of regulatory frameworks for electricity mini-grid development in Kenya and Tanzania

• development of a financing prospectus for state electrification in Nigeria

• analysis of electricity tariffs for utilities in Nigeria and Iraq

• economic analysis of investments in urban water, hydropower, irrigated agriculture and livelihoods in the Okavango Delta

• financial and economic analysis of the potential for agriculture to anchor rural electrification in sub-Saharan Africa

• analysis of the financing requirements for clean energy SMEs in Africa and South Asia as part of the development of a business case for a new investment fund

• preparation of Tanzania’s Energy Subsidy Policy, a wide-ranging review of Tanzania’s energy sector, and the development of a major development partner’s support programme to Tanzania’s energy sector

• worldwide analysis of best practice business models in private decentralised electricity provision, including off-grid, captive power and private-to-private transactions

• financial modelling of gas pipelines in FYROM (Macedonia), the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland

• development of a framework for the governance, management, financial, and operational improvement of rural electricity distribution and supply cooperatives in the Philippines

• training course preparation and delivery in Kenya, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Kosovo and Papua New Guinea on renewable energy project modelling, in mini-grid regulation, tariff calculations and financing, electricity utility generation planning and the economic analysis of water investments.

Andrew holds an MSc in International Development from the London School of Economics and a BCom (Hons) degree in Finance from the University of Auckland.