We have been contracted by the World Bank to carry out two linked studies to review the scope and prospects for exploiting Africa’s recently found and prospective significant gas resources to expand gas use and power generation. In the Upstream Gas Resources study we are reviewing the proven reserves and resources of gas in all 47 Sub-Saharan African countries. Based on those gas resources, ECA is identifying a range of gas pipeline and power transmission options to deliver gas-fired power to major demand centres in the region. In the related Downstream Gas to Power study, ECA is reviewing the power demand and generation expansion plans of all 47 countries for use in our power dispatch model, utilised for estimating the demand for gas in power generation in each country through to 2035. A costing model is then used to compare the economics of transmitting power generated at the gas resource by transmission line to gas by pipeline versus power stations located in the demand centres. The current main focus is on comparing electricity to gas transportation options from the current main producing and prospective countries of Mozambique, Nigeria and Tanzania.