Public Private Partnership Services from Economic Consulting Associates


Our range of services covers all aspects of introducing private sector participation and competition into infrastructure, from the development of supporting institutional and regulatory frameworks through to the design of contractual arrangements. We advise on corporate restructuring, the development of competitive markets, power purchase agreements and network access and balancing rules.

The scope of our services allows us to appreciate the totality of the requirements for private sector participation, understanding the interactions between high-level policy design and project development and implementation outcomes.



Private participation in decentralised electricity provision

ECA worked with the International Finance Corporation to determine the key drivers of and barriers in developing countries to the expansion of “Alternative Private Supply” of electricity which do not require coordination through centralised grids and to assess whether electricity had the potential to expand as quickly as mobile telephony.

Afghanistan PPP framework

ECA led a team advising the Ministry of Finance on the drafting and implementation of a new PPP law and regulation and the development of a PPP project pipeline. Maximising transparency and avoiding excessive reliance on unsolicited and directly negotiated proposals were assessed as being key to creating a credible and trusted framework. The project involved extensive capacity-building support in assessing PPP proposals for their feasibility and desirability.

Power purchase agreements for wind farms in Tunisia

An EBRD project advising on the allocation of risks under the new Tunisian Renewable Energy Law with respect to Feed-in Tariffs. ECA advised on the legal, technical and bankability implications of the Law, the FiT Regulation and the model Power Purchase Agreement as well as drawing up a model PPA for independent investors (IPPs) as well as other contracts the new generator must sign.

Ivory Coast PPP guidelines

As part of a more comprehensive PPP toolkit development by Axelcium, ECA was asked to develop the Value for Money (VFM) and Socio-economic analysis guidelines and tools. The guidelines included practical step-by-step procedure on how to conduct a socio-economic analysis and a VFM analysis for PPP projects.

Ethiopia geothermal power purchase agreements

Ethiopia is beginning the process of contracting with IPPs to provide electricity from geothermal and requires a model PPA as a basis for contract negotiation, as well as capacity building in negotiation and understanding the risk allocation issue. ECA assisted by developing the model PPA with workshop presentations and advice on negotiation positions.

Training on IPPs and PPAs, Papua New Guinea

The Independent Public Business Corporation (IPBC) requested training from ECA on the commercial aspects of Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), in particular how to calculate the levelised cost of Independent Power Producers (IPPs) for various generation technologies and compare it to the reference price as set in the PNG Third Party Access Code.

Private sector provision of water and sanitation in small towns, Worldwide

ECA is leading in an international study to provide operating procedures and guidance to developing countries and World Bank task teams on how to support public institutions in effectively engaging the local private sector to deliver water and sanitation services, especially to the poor in rural growth centres and small towns. Case study focus countries are Philippines, Bangladesh, Uganda and Colombia.

PPP Toolkit, India

This project involved developing web-based toolkits to assist PPP practitioners with all aspects of the PPP development, structuring, transactions negotiation and implementation. The toolkits covered five infrastructure sectors: water and sanitation, solid waste management, urban transport, ports and highways.