Renewable Energy Integration Services from Economic Consulting Associates


ECA covers a range of expertise in the network industry and renewable energy (RE) sectors including the design of trading mechanisms, market monitoring and RE support mechanisms. For RE we develop feed in tariff systems, certificate award and trading mechanisms and auction mechanisms, advise on suitable regulatory frameworks for renewable energy integration, advise renewable energy developers on the major market risks and support Governments in setting up institutional and organisational frameworks for the integration of renewable energy supply.

For electricity and gas we design trading and balancing mechanisms, balance responsibility incentives and cross border access right mechanisms including the full regulatory framework necessary for compliance with best practice trading and settlement; this includes development of detailed trading rules and supporting procedures, secondary regulation and even primary legislation.



Oman load forecast

Development of a model for forecasting electricity demand disaggregated to the level of primary substation. The model is to be used by the planning department in Mazoon Electricity Company’s HQ.

Wholesale electricity market advisor, Vietnam

ECA was appointed to advise the Electricity Regulatory Authority of Vietnam on the introduction of the country’s competitive wholesale electricity market, to start in pilot form in late-2015 and in full from 2019. Tasks included overseeing and coordinating the work of the various consultancies designing aspects of the wholesale market and supporting ERAV in determining its strategy for accompanying sector reforms.

UK proof of origins

Information was required on how the rules for trading Levy Exemption Certificates (LECs) awarded to generation from outside the UK may change with current market developments. ECA analysed the current regulations on evidencing delivery in UK, assessed principles for potential revised rules and how they might work, set out a checklist of procedures required, provided example evidence regimes and advised on principal risks.

Dispatch audit for Sri Lanka

During 2014, ECA worked with the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka on an assessment of the efficiency of electricity generation operations. As part of this, the need for regular auditing of dispatching arrangements was identified. ECA is now assisting PUCSL in developing guidelines for these audits and supporting an initial audit.

Electricity market rules, Kosovo

ECA advised the transmission company (KOSTT) on key aspects of market design and developed these as detailed Market Rules compliant with the design and operation of the market as well as modelling prices for balancing market bids and offers.

European electricity forward markets

This involved the development of methodologies to evaluate market and product efficiency. We reviewed theoretical and practical literature and assessed volumetric data and price histories. We also developed a model of how the forward capacity allocation network code provisions would be implemented, and assessed and proposed methods for measuring and determining its effectiveness in promoting competition.

Ireland electricity forward markets and liquidity

Project to support the national regulatory authorities in Ireland (CER and NIAUR) on implementation of financial transmission rights to replace physical rights on interconnectors with GB in the new design of the single electricity market for Ireland (I-SEM) and to consider measures to promote liquidity in financial forward products within the market.

Development of model power purchase agreements, Serbia and Montenegro

The assignment involved review of existing draft PPAs, revision and updating of those PPAs to ensure they are bankable, together with related securitisation agreements. While the PPAs are specifically drafted for wind power projects, other renewable energy projects would also require a PPA which could be an amended and reduced version of the wind power PPA.

Power network analysis for wind power integration, Kosovo

Advice to KOSTT on wind power integration covered: network reinforcement planning and investment analysis, network security analysis, ancillary service provision and balancing, network operation with intermittent generation sources and forecasting techniques with wind.