ECA has a recent focus on providing advice on energy issues in the Pacific. ECA’s team includes staff originating from or currently based in Australia and New Zealand, so between us we have many years of experience dealing with the unique challenges faced by island nations in the Pacific. Recent work includes projects in Australia, Papua New Guinea and Fiji.




Electricity tariffs training for Fiji

ECA teamed with Castlerock Consulting to deliver a training course on electricity tariffs to the Fiji Competition and Consumer Commission. The training was part of a larger Asian Development Bank (ADB) funded project to provide technical assistance to the Government of Fiji on the development of an electricity sector investment planning framework and preparation of a national electrification plan.

Guidelines for private investment in renewables, Pacific Island Countries

On behalf of IFC, ECA prepared a step-by-step guide to investing in renewable electricity in the Pacific, focusing on Fiji, PNG, Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu. The guide included the current state of renewables, the potential for investment, regulatory barriers, and the specific steps for private sector investment.

Development of a grid code, Papua New Guinea

We reviewed third party access models internationally, drafted a third party access code (based on the recommended model), developed accompanying pricing models, drafted a grid code and provided capacity building and training.

Gas price valuation advice, Australia

Jemena Gas Networks had to prepare its five-yearly price submission to the Australian Energy Regulator. ECA provided assistance with this, in particular in reviewing Jemena’s suite of regulatory models.

Preparation of the national energy policy, Fiji

The Government of Fiji has asked ECA to undertake a review of the national energy policy and to recommend possible legislative changes to facilitate the future of the energy sector. This will entail improving reliability and access to energy supplies, to strengthen the regulatory framework in the energy sector and mainstreaming energy across sectors to develop a new energy policy framework.