UK price control review analysis

ECA helped with a non-standard price review for Ofgem, to consider the issues arising from government policy for the comprehensive introduction of smart meters for gas and electricity to UK households for the dominant provider of traditional gas meters.

TSO and DSO allowed revenue determinants

We have been appointed by the Energy Regulators Regional Association (ERRA) to assist in documenting, comparing and evaluating the regulatory approaches adopted by ERRA member organisations in setting the allowed revenues for electricity transmission and distribution...

Ireland electricity market settlement rules

ECA supported the Irish regulators in their approval of the tariff methodologies for System Services in the new market. The focus was on the rules determining availability payments of eligible generators. The team modelled potential inefficiencies in the rules and...

Support to Ofgem finance team

ECA staff was seconded at Ofgem to support the ongoing activities of Ofgem’s RIIO Finance. Activities included developing licence modifications and consequent changes to a Price Control Financial Model and Handbook.