Gas Pricing principles and market reforms, Egypt

ECA worked with the Government of Egypt to help establish a consistent approach to manage the process of fuel subsidy reforms over a 5-year period, including specific components on communications and social protection. The key issue for this study was identifying the...

Northern Ireland Utility regulator gas division support

ECA provided sustained support for six months to the Northern Ireland Utility Regulator during a Competition Commission inquiry, leading on key areas of analysis including drafting of papers and attendance at inquiry hearings.

Ionian Adriatic Pipeline (IAP) feasibility study

Review of IAP feasibility study assessing the economic and commercial feasibility. Demand forecasts, supply assessments, possible offtake points and cost structures were evaluated to identify the competitiveness of gas transported through IAP and the economic and...

Price control review analysis, UK

ECA helped with a non-standard price review for Ofgem, to consider the issues arising from government policy for the comprehensive introduction of smart meters for gas and electricity to UK households for the dominant provider of traditional gas meters.

TSO and DSO allowed revenue determinants

We have been appointed by the Energy Regulators Regional Association (ERRA) to assist in documenting, comparing and evaluating the regulatory approaches adopted by ERRA member organisations in setting the allowed revenues for electricity transmission and distribution...