Image of Andrew Tipping, Managing Consultant at ECA


Technical Director

Andrew Tipping is a Technical Director with experience in business and market development, financial and economic analysis, transaction advice, corporate finance and governance. Andrew joined ECA in 2011 from a background in investment banking, consulting and business development, and has been involved in market analysis and design, project assessments and impact analyses, as well as regulatory reviews and design. Andrew has worked across a range of industries including finance, healthcare and forestry, but currently focuses on energy and water.

Andrew has been involved in multiple assignments involving project financing and regulations for the promotion of private investment. He has been very involved in the development of frameworks for private electricity mini-grid development in Kenya, Ghana and the Southern Africa region, and the development of financing and transaction advice for mini-grids in Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and the DRC.

Andrew has post-graduate degrees in finance from the University of Auckland and international development from the London School of Economics. Andrew also leads ECA’s workshops and training development programmes.